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Full Chapter Outline

1. The Mobile & Web App Lean Canvas

      1.1 Target Customers & Path To Customers

      1.2. Pain Points With Current Solutions

      1.3. Solution & Goal Statement

      1.4. Revenue Model

      1.5. Marketing Message

2. Verifying Technical Feasibility

      1.1 Server-side triggers & automations

      1.2. Storing sensitive information

      1.3. One-shot & other critical operations

      1.4. Processing large amounts of money

      1.5. Hardware components

3. Revisiting Target Customers

      1.1 Reducing Targets

      1.2 Early Adopters

      1.3 Finding Customers

4. Customer Validation

      1.1 Customer Interviews

      1.2. Landing Pages & Email Collection

      1.3. Surveys

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At BOUNDLESS, my co-founder and I have over 35 years of collective experience building software. We’ve helped many startups clarify their ideas, find workable solutions, and build their apps.

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